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For travel agencies, the rise of travel portal software has disrupted the travel industry. Travel Portal Solution has helped travel industry to reach more people across the world and travelers are also more tech savvy as compare to last decade travelers.

As the travel industry is witnessing rapid growth, the number of travel technology companies is also increasing. A Travel Technology Company develops the travel portal solution for the travel agencies. Key features of travel portal software are described below.

Hotel booking and reservation: For Travelers, good Travel Portal Software would provide users a platform to search hotels by their desired destination, travel dates, room categories & budget and number of rooms to book, hotel class and rating, availability and passengers’ nationality. A map view of their hotel would give customers a clear idea of the location of hotels and the nearby famous trip points. It provides end-users option to sort by pricing and location. Thumbnail image, description of hotels and rooms cancellation and refund policies, price breakups also help travelers to make their decisions.

Flight booking: Travelers can book their flights by destination, date and time of travel, flight class and the number of seats. Travel Portal Solution allows Travelers to filter flights by fairs, location, companies, class, and timings.

Travel Portal Software

 Transfer for package: Transfer booking feature in Travel Portal Solution allows travelers to transfer by passenger nationality, destination, and date of journey, number of travelers including kids and women and location of transfer. It will also assist travel agents, to view details of transfer such as location pick-up, departure time, destination location and cancellation & refund policy. Also adding booking rules, changing payment gateways and payment mediums, price difference display, availability of seats make it beneficial for travel agencies.

Booking of Tour: For travelers, planning trips by destination, timing, number of travelers and nationality will give them enough options to book their dream trip. For B2B customers, searching and sorting listings according to the destination, categories, thumbnail images of spots, their description, location, is really helpful. Viewing booked tours, adding passenger names and other information, booking and cancellation policies, refund process, information of price changes, checking rate changes before booking, managing credit limits of travel agents, and up selling for other services such as car booking, cruise booking etc. makes it even more beneficial for B2B travelers.