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Every Travel technology company now claims their product as best travel portal software. Good b2b travel portal software not only simplifies booking process for travelers but also helps travel agencies to achieve business goals. BlazeBe easily manages large number of bookings and gives a convenient booking experience to travelers. It is reliable and secure which are most important demands of travel agencies to be addressed. Let’s explore some important features of BlazeBe.

Top Features of BlazeBe B2B Travel Portal Software are:

Extremely Simple Search and Booking Process: BlazeBe is travel portal software that makes search, booking and payment extremely simple. It just takes a few moments and few clicks to complete booking process. Inventories are automatically updated real-time. Also, it is very easier to add agents and sub agents to system. Reaching to global audience also becomes easier by BlazeBe. It gives control over sending activation mail, modifying search history. Feature of content management system allows travel agencies to update offers, deals, currency values, images, and designs by themselves. Thus it eliminates dependency on third parties for updates.

BlazeBe- B2B Travel Portal Software

Advanced Analytics: Analytics now play important role in growth of any business. Every Travel Technology Company has now started integrated analytics feature. BlazeBe uses in-depth analytics that facilitates agents to know about their clients, top business cities, agents and sub-agents booking ratio, management reports and much more. From customer behavior, travel agencies can offer customized and tailored trip packages to clients. BlazeBe provides complete insight for a travel business allowing them to craft future strategies. It is also capable of tracing location of users, thereby offering customized deals for clients to improve conversion ratio.

Back Office Management: BlazeBe facilitates travel companies to manage back office users and profiles. Travel Technology Solution makes management of payment gateways, fluctuating exchange rates and currencies easier. Any number of Agents and sub agents can be added and managed easily. All back office operations and activities are managed from mobile from anywhere at any time. This is next level of convenience for travel agencies. It provides standard ssl encryption to secure travelers’ important details such passwords, card number to assure safe and secure payment. BlazeBe sends automated emails and invoices to travelers thus eliminating possibility of human errors.