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For every online travel agency across the globe, having travel portal software is beneficial and efficient. It takes business to next level. It will help the traveler to plan and manage trip easily and conveniently. Also, it will provide a satisfaction to a traveler, once the trip is completed. The Internet has taken travel industry to next level. It has completely transformed ways of trips and traveling.

BlazeBe is a Travel Portal Software that is designed especially for online travel agencies to make operations efficient and cost-effective. It is different from other travel portals. BlazeBe provides real-time information, 24/7 support, user-friendly interface, a different dashboard to agents and sub-agents and many additional features such as multiple language interfaces that give a competitive edge to travel agencies. It can be customized according to needs and demands of a travel agency.

Why BlazeBe for your Online Travel Agency?

  • Centralized Data: All your data is kept in one place, which results in fast and quick accessibility. This feature enables as a bridge of communication between client and Travel Agency. Also, it is updated every second and real time. Therefore, it eliminates any possibility of confusion between traveler and companies.
  • Mobile Presence: As travelers are using mobiles frequently for bookings of their tickets. BlazeBe, which is a Travel Portal Solution, is available on mobile in form of mobile apps. It is available on every platform such as android, ios etc.

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  • Automated Notifications: BlazeBe is an effective Travel Technology Solution that sends an automated notification to clients. Notifications are sent by SMS and emails. Also, it sends automated invoice and details of booking real time, once booking is done by a traveler. It results in saving time and effort of a travel company.
  • Self-Booking Platform: BlazeBe is a self-booking platform. A traveler can easily book hotels and flights from it without any help from travel agencies. Booking interface is very easy to use. It saves a lot of time and effort of travelers which improves the satisfaction of traveler with a travel agency.
  • Manually Addition of Details: Travel Agents can enter and edit different details such as GST rates, service tax etc on a package. Also, it allows travel agents to design different tours based on different prices.
  • Staff Management: Staff of online travel agencies can also be managed by BlazeBe. It allows sales representatives to update the number of clients and revenue. It also allows staff to see their attendance report and other details on the dashboard.

All these above-mentioned features make BlazeBe different for other portals. It is developed by IT4T Solutions, one of the best and award-winning Travel Technology Company.  IT4T Solutions is having hundreds of clients and it has its presence in more than 20 countries.