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As the technology innovations taking birth and smartphone is becoming part of people’s life has resulted in an enormous growth of travel industry. Online travel agencies are increasing their revenues by using travel portal software. It enables them to provide better services and fast bookings which results in improved customer satisfaction.

This increased business has resulted in the formation of travel technology companies. A Travel Technology Company develops travel portals for online travel agencies. Always look for Travel technology company who has experience in developing travel portal software. Employees must be highly skilled for development of the portal. This kind of company will deliver you better travel technology solution.

Main features of Travel Technology Solution are as follows:

Appealing Dashboard: Dashboard of travel technology solution is designed in an appealing way so that it will attract more number of visitors. Also, the interface of Travel Technology Solution must be user-friendly, so that it will connect to travelers in a better way.

Travelogy Technology Company

Filter options:  Travel Portal Software must have search filters integrated with it. It makes the search process easy for a traveler. A traveler can search for flights, hotels, car, cruise based on their budget, location, date of journey, service providers and much more.

Reviews and Ratings: Travel Technology Solution has the facility of giving reviews and ratings of a service. Usually, travelers consider these things before making their decision. Also, if any client is dissatisfied with any service provider, he has this option of giving his feedback about things he did not like.

Bookmarking:  Travel Portal Software allows a visitor to save a particular hotel, flights or any service they visit frequently. Also, it has an option of saving your favorite hotel or flight before making payment for that service.

Integration of Maps:  Google maps are integrated with travel technology solution, to make it convenient for users to search their destination and nearby places. It also helps them to make a stay nearer to spots they are planning to visit. Also, travelers can see their flight route on maps.

Multiple Payment Modes: Travel portal software provides different modes of payment options, to make it more convenient for clients to pay. It has all options to pay for services such as net banking, mobile wallets, credit card, debit card, mobile wallets etc.  Also, it has multiple payment gateways integrated with it to minimize possibilities of Payment Failures.