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Amid this pandemic time, the travel industry is still exploring the options of growth. Almost all markets are now opened and people have now started traveling by taking precautions. To make the travel industry grow, technology has been playing a very crucial role. If you are planning to start your own travel business, then you have to buy travel software to streamline the booking process.

Features Of A Good B2B Travel Software:

  • Flexible: You need to have travel software that is flexible and scalable. Thus, this software will be compatible with the changing demands and needs of travelers. As every business has a hope that it will grow, so software must be scalable so that it will keep up with growing customers. With the increased number of travelers, bookings will also be increased, so the operations. So the software should be capable to manage those extra bookings.
  • Customized Tours: This is one of the important features for the engagement and retention of clients. This feature lets travelers customize their tour plans to meet their tailored requirements. This feature gives them the satisfaction to create a tour according to their wish. The absence of this feature will not help you to retain the travelers.
  • Automated Prices: Generating the prices for the customized tour plans can be a timely process. Also, it’s difficult for travelers to wait for the process while making their bookings. It will also take more time if more than one destination is selected. So automated price feature in the Travel Portal Development will make it really quick thus saving your time and efforts. This will result in better productivity.
  • Payment And Language: As you are connected to travelers via the internet, so any traveler around the world can come and make bookings. In order to serve them in a better way, the portal should support every language and currency. Making bookings in their native language will make them comfortable and it will be done with ease. Multiple options for making payments make it more convenient for travelers to pay. There can be options to pay via dd, cheque, net banking, mobile wallet, credit card, and debit card.

Will all these features ask your travel technology company to add the feature of automated currency exchange in the portal. For example, someone from the USA wants to visit Europe and he wants to pay in dollars, so there should be an option for him to pay in the currency he wants.  This feature will help you to entertain more travelers irrespective of the border, language, and currency.