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Technology has changed the everyday life of everyone and how could the travel industry remain unaffected from it. The ways, methodology, and experiences of traveling have been changed completely with the evolution of the internet and smartphones. The travel industry has become one of the main contributors to the GDP of different countries which has given birth to many travel companies and agencies. To have a competitive advantage and to cater to the demands of travelers these companies need a travel portal for them.

Salient Features of Travel Portal Development:

  • Search Filters: Search filters make the search convenient for a traveler. Travel portal with multiple search filters lets travelers find easily what they are looking for and enhances the user experience. More the search filters will be there, it will lead to more refined and exact results. A search bar with a predictive search must be there on every travel portal. It gives the options based on the initial letters of their searches and let users to select the right search option. This feature saves time of travelers in searching and impresses your travel portal visitors.
  • High Definition Images: Images convey a lot of information to travelers. It not only draws the attention of the travelers but also engages them with the travel portal. Apart from images, integration of Google maps with the travel portal has also become a primary functionality. This gives an idea to travelers of the time and distance between the airport and hotels and spots to visit. All the options of the hotels in a particular city can also be shown via maps on the travel portal.
  • Payment Options: Multiple payment options make it easier and convenient for travelers to make payments. A travel portal must have different payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and mobile wallets. The integration of multiple payment gateways with the travel portal eliminates the possibility of payment failures. Sometimes, payment failures result in losing a client. And for the travel business customer loyalty is important.

So, while you are approaching a travel technology company for the travel portal development, make sure that all these features must be there. This will result in more customers.