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Incremental updates in technology and innovations are making peoples’ life easy and convenient. The travel industry is also transformed after the introduction of travel technology solution. Its focus is on the improvement of traveler experience by giving it a personal touch and making the journey more enjoyable.

As travelers now prefer to booking everything online after increased usage of Smartphone and easy availability of internet. Every Travel Technology Company is now focusing on automation and latest type intelligence to connect with a traveler and make things easier. Online Booking has brought a huge transformation in the travel industry in terms of efficiency, revenue growth, and cost-reduction. Travel Technology Companies are working to meet wants and demands of travelers at every stage, right from planning your trip to coming back to home.

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Latest Innovations witnessed by Travel Industry

  • Booking Through Mobiles and Tablets: Many online travel agencies and company are investing in their mobile applications. They integrate Travel Portal Software with mobile apps to allow travelers to do last minute booking. Also, internet users are moving from laptops to mobile. They spend more time on browsing on phone as compared to laptops. Travel portal Software allows a traveler to book a flight ticket, hotel room, car, cruise booking from the same mobile application. It’s easier to do booking on mobile; one can plan and book a trip at any time while traveling, at the bed, in office, while eating or anytime at home.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Travel Portal Solution uses Advance analytics and Artificial intelligence assist travel industry to use data to predict traveler demands and to increase efficiency and to deliver better experience traveler is expecting. AI gives dynamic price details to travelers which help them to budget their trip and it automatically shows similar options based on the search history of traveler. AI has transformed search process for travelers for destination, flights, hotels etc.
  • Virtual Tour: This feature has changed the entire process of booking. It has taken customer satisfaction to another level. It shows a real physical condition of hotel and room. A traveler can feel the experience of the hotel room or flight from this feature. He can go for option after he is satisfied with the interior and architecture he liked.
  • Real-Time Update: Travel Technology Solution provides real-time updates on prices, availability of hotel rooms and flights. As in travel industry, anything can be changed at any moment. For example, if a booking is canceled, it is again available for other travelers in real time. If a booking of flight or hotel room is done it is occupied at the very same moment the booking is done.