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As travel industry is witnessing new technologies every day, future of these technologies depend on artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is process of developing a software or program that responds like human beings. Feature of Artificial intelligence is now embedded in travel technology solution. It is now needed to retain customers, to increase sales of OTAs, to improve customer experience of travelers.

How travel technology solution will be transformed with Artificial Intelligence:

Hotel Bookings: Artificial Intelligence can make awesome experience of guests with their stay at hotel. As hotels have details of clients such as name, address, age etc. This data can be used by online hotel booking engine to identify customer behavior and patterns. Instead of mass marketing campaigns travel companies can opt for niche marketing. This strategy will give better results as marketing budgets will be minimized and sales will be maximized in a less time. Hotels can offer tailored packages to its clients based on their history. For example, if a client visited a hotel in December, then next year in December hotel can offer a customized package to him based on his order history.


Awesome Customer Service: AI will impact customer service in future. It will make things realistic and become a strong bridge between Traveler and OTAs. Chat bots can be embedded in travel technology solution to solve any issues faced by travelers on the spot. This chat system can be connected with social media platforms such as whatsapp or messenger. Traveler will be able to connect with OTAs on these social media platforms to solve problems faced by travelers.

Intelligent Travel CRM: Travel CRM that provides a platform for travelers to book online. When AI will be connected with travel crm it will boost customer loyalty. AI will use data of customer search history and will show same options based on their search. It collects data of customers including demographics, interests etc to know more about customer. This will help travel agencies to establish a long term relationship with clients.

Every good travel technology company has now started working on AI to make their travel technology solution more efficient.