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Combination of internet, mobile, connectivity, AI, and machine learning has phenomenally transformed the travel industry. Now travelers have different choices to plan and manage their trip. This combination has also led to fierce competition between online travel agencies.

Future Trends of travel technology Solution are discussed below:

Mobile experience: Number of internet users has crossed 3 billion mark last year. Majority of internet users use mobile as their device. In future travel technology solution has to improve mobile user experience in term of speed, and connectivity with other mobile features such as camera, social media, GPS, payment apps, security apps etc. Mobile devices can improve traveler experience. Booking page must be opened quickly, at least less than 2 seconds as usually people don’t like to wait.

Travel Technology Solution Trends and Future

Connectivity: Connectivity between devices and increased use of virtual reality and Artificial intelligence has transformed travel experience. This connectivity has started solving user complex problems. Chatbot is a good example of AI through which a customer can contact with travel agencies anytime when facing problems or complexities. Multiple language interfaces assists travelers from every corner to interact in their local language. It helps to deliver a better travelling experience to a traveler irrespective of his location. With connectivity of devices and technologies, focus of travel agencies will be shifted towards delivery of delighted experience to travelers.

 Use of Machine Learning: Machine Learning is process of giving computers an objective and data, with help of that data to accomplish objective by themselves. Insights and strategies will be provided to travel agencies by travel portal software by using machine learning. This feature will be helpful to travel companies to increase their sales and reduce their marketing cost. Also it will solve organizational complex problems of a travel agency.

Travel Technology Company cannot add any new technology to their product. It has to research and think how that particular technology can improve traveler experience.