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Distributors in travel industry are those who sell travel inventories like flights, hotels in bulk to travel agents. They buy it at heavy discounts and then sell it to travel agents at low prices with flexibility. More convenience is offered to travel agents by Distributors. There are millions of travelers booking tickets and hotels online. Travel portal software offers a list of benefits to Distributors by increasing their sales.

Benefits to Distributors by travel portal software are:

  • Improved Customer Experience: Distributors offer tourists a pleasing and simple booking experience. Travel portal software allows customer to book, flight tickets, and hotel rooms at less prices. These prices are quite similar to prices offered to travel agents by Distributors. Customer can book flight ticket according to his choice. Customers can choose type of flight and hotel rooms at discounted price and pay online to reserve seats and rooms.

Travel Portal Software for Distributors

  • Niche Market: With advanced analytics, travel technology solution allows travel agents to target their niche market. This improves conversion ratio of travel agents. Based on analytics, agents can filter location of their clients, identifies most profitable location based on order history, then targeting location that serves maximum client. Travel technology solution offers deals in such areas, thus increasing sales and number of bookings. The use of advance analytics saves marketing cost of Distributors.
  • Real-Time Inventory Update: Travel portal software shows real time inventory update. It shows real time availability of seats and rooms to clients, Distributors and travel agents. Also, customer gets real-time notification of booking confirmation, thus saving time of client in rechecking of booking. At same time travel agents and Distributors are informed about booking status. The dashboard shows about status of inventories in form of pie chart, graphics to travel agents and Distributors. Inventory details are centralized and same details are available to travelers, travel agents and Distributors.
  • Advanced Deals and Offers: Travel portal software allows Distributors to offer special deals and discount to travelers before 2 to 3 months of booking. It also allows collaborating with banks to give more discounts to travelers in case he pays with same bank card or net banking. This increases sales of travel agents and also they survive competition. It also identifies frequent travelers and offers special and customized deals to them.

BlazeBe is travel portal software developed by a leading travel technology company IT4T solutions and offers all above mentioned features to Distributors.