Why BlazeBe Mobile Platform is Used by Online Travel Agencies?

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Presence on mobile is must for every business now. Now there are millions of Mobile-apps available worldwide. Travel Industry is also benefitted by mobile apps as nearly half of ticket booking traffic comes from mobile. Therefore BlazeBe, which is travel portal software, is integrated with the mobile app. It has helped online travel agencies and companies to interact with potential customers and existing clients.

BlazeBe is developed by a leading Travel Technology Company. It has the presence on both web and mobile world. People generally spend more time on the mobile app as compared to PC or laptop. This is the primary reason for mobile app becoming a trend in the travel industry and every online travel agency is adapting it to shoot up sales.

Benefits of providing BlazeBe with Mobile Platform are:

  • User-Friendly Interface: It is easier to book tickets online on the mobile app as compared to laptop or pc. Travel Portal Software on mobile app provides a very simple and easy to use dashboard. With only a couple of finger touch, a traveler is headed towards payment section. As the payment is completed invoice is auto saved in your account. As well it has an option of selecting language, which results in more user satisfaction.

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  • Increases Brand Visibility: Mobile Application increases brand visibility. As every person spends at least 20 percent of his time on mobile, so every time he unlocks the phone, logo of Travel Company appears on the screen. This also increases customer engagement in case of the travel industry as the user browses and checks through running offers and deals. This helps in maintaining a strong customer relationship with the travel company, thus results in increased sales and revenue.
  • Customized Trips and Tours: Travel Technology Solution mobile app offers travelers to make and select tour package according to their preference. It allows the customer to pick a number of days, date of travel and destination. And then traveler can frame a customized trip.
  • Push Notifications: Travel Portal Solution mobile app sends a push notification to users. These notifications include offers, deals, and news. These notifications act as a bridge of communication between travelers and travel agencies. Notifications also keep users updated about trends of the travel industry. It is a new type of marketing strategy that boosts customer engagement and increases sales. As interested customers for a particular offer most likely to react to push notifications.
  • Real-Time Features: BlazeBe can easily find out the location of a user, and hence facilitates travel companies to provide their suggestions to users about flights, near-by hotels and famous spots to view. Also, travel companies can show them the real-time status of hotels and flights to make their experience better.
  • Customer Engagement: For every travel company customer engagement is one of top priority to take their business to new heights. The mobile app gives a better travel experience to traveler right from the time of planning a trip to returning home. So it results in making a strong bond between Travel Company and traveler. This is a great strategy to improve customer engagement and reaching business goals.