Combination of Travel Technology Solution & Mobile Has Transformed Travel Industry

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Use of internet on mobile has increased in past couple of years. Stats show people use more internet data on mobile than computers or laptops. This trend has benefitted travel industry a lot. That’s why every travel company is going to mobile apps to increase their customer base and market reach.

Every Travel Technology Company offers an attractively designed and a list of integrated features in the mobile app to travel agencies. Travel agencies can customize look & feel and content of app according to their demands based on their clientele. With the mobile app, it is very easy to monitor customer behavior based on his search history. Also, mobile apps easily identify real-time location of traveler. This information is used strategically by travel agencies by suggesting near-by hotels and flights.

Benefits of travel technology solution mobile apps to travel agencies are as follows:

Better customer engagement: Mobile apps are very user-friendly, and travelers usually spend more time on the mobile app as compared to a laptop. The customer has to fill login information only once, for next time traveler can log in directly. Every important document is automatically saved in the phone such as tickets, check-in and check-out time, invoice etc. These features enable the user to spend more time on the app.

Combination of Travel Technology Solution & Mobile Has Transformed Travel Industry

Updates through Push-Notifications: Travel Technology solution with mobile app allows Travel companies to send offers and customized deals to their customers through push-notifications. Push notification is the new method to connect with clients. Earlier travel companies used to send their offers through mail or SMS, but travelers showed less interest in them. There is more click rate on push notifications, and stats show push notifications results in increased number of bookings. Push notifications are sent to users over a regular period of time. This also improves the brand visibility of travel agencies.
Secure and reliable: A mobile app is more secure for a transaction as it has a feature of fingerprint security and password protection security to travelers. Also, app users can add more layer of security to the app. There are many security apps available on google play store and app store. Apps are also protected from virus and malware. Also, travel portal software apps facilitate to save card details safely for future use.

Users can browse offers, book tickets or make payment while eating, traveling or at any time. These features make mobile apps more efficient compared to laptops and desktops.

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