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OTA – Travel Booking Engine

BlazeBE by IT4T Solutions is a world-class travel technology solutions provider to the global travel industry. BlazeBE specializes in travel technology solutions and has implemented a simple and user-friendly easy-to-use booking process. It empowers travel businesses and helps them grow manifold.

OTA Travel Booking Engine helps to improve operational efficiency, increase value per transaction, increase revenues & reduce costs. BlazeBE provides multiple sales channels (B2B, B2C, Mobile Apps, B2B2B, B2B2C, Midoffice / Backoffice, and white label), ready 3rd Party XML Connectivity, Negotiated fair management systems, Backoffice, dynamic packaging, CRM, MIS reporting and other connected components. BlazeBE is connected to almost all leading XML suppliers which includes GDS (Amadeus, Galileo, Worldspan, Sabre) and suppliers for flights like PaxPort, Travelfusion, Mystifly, TBOAir etc, and various hotel consolidators like TravelGate, HotelBeds, DOTW, Tourico, GTA, Darina Holidays, etc.
LCC (Low-cost carrier) and car-rental XML suppliers, transfer XML suppliers, empowering our customers with an ability to bring together products from multiple suppliers on a single interface.

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Our team working on this product has core deep knowledge about the travel domain requirements which leads us to develop complex business logic with ease and user friendly environment. Team is fully dedicated to delivering the best value to our clients, employees, and investors, calculating the time as money. We aim at delivering customer services with full support and good experiences, even after the deployment of projects. Our work doesn’t stop after the delivery of projects, even if it gets started with full dedication and all-time support in another era towards the delivered project. The team is fully dedicated to helping out the customer in minimum time and with complete solutions with 100% satisfaction response from the customer. Points we look and take care of 100% watch and surveillance with full dedication.

‹ Travel Agency Software ›

Midoffice / Backoffice access would help you to set up direct relations with your business associates regardless of the geographical locations of your company and the spread of your agent network. Our travel midoffice solution is designed in a way it can also be used as a standalone booking management system to manage bookings manually for travel agents, travel companies, and OTA. Staff members can assign different login details and bookings created by them can be easily maintained in the system with the booking queue management system as well, full logs of booking activities are also being managed within the system and are fully available to check by admin at any time during the process.

Booking Management
Multi Branding
Booking Queue Management
Query Management with Quote
Markup Management
Multi Currency
Role Rights Management
Client Management
Supplier Management
MIS Reports

‹ B2C Booking Engine ›

B2C Booking Engine for OTA Travel Booking Engine is very useful to increase business by avoiding paying handsome amounts from earnings as commissions to sales agents. In today’s market, there are lots of flight companies offering their solution to the customer to make bookings and get commission on the same, which directly affects your profit margins on sales done by you; same in the case of hotel bookings and other services booking as well.

Our B2C booking engine allows direct sales on services like flights, hotels, transfers, sightseeing, packages, etc on the company’s travel portal. B2C offers on the website prove profitable in many ways, especially when it implies the possibility to manage and promote your own travel products, You can promote multiple destinations where you are strong to provide the deals.

‹ B2B Booking Engine ›

B2B booking engine is highly considered the key part of a modern travel technology and forms the activity base for chains in creating agents, tour operators, tour wholesalers, associations under travel and other gives open source to reach other players in market who dealing in travel trade business.

B2B booking engine provides a number of requirements to the agents, it leads to multi-level organization, enhance business rules with partners, expand business in world, and many more. Challenge comes with volume of business to manage data and statistics. B2B system provides a wide range of required resources in this concern.

Online B2B travel reservation solution under BlazeBE, goes far beyond the standard tour operator booking engines for customer sales. It enables you to conveniently perform the following operations:

Booking Management

Markup Management 

Manage B2B Agent on CREDIT & DEPOSIT

Booking Hold for Agents

Staff Management
MIS Reports
Role Rights Management
Bookings on limit and Credit Card 
Save previous searches
Multi Currency

‹ xTranet / Contract Management System ›

BlazeBE provides a web-based system to manage hotel contracts done directly with hotels, where you can load your own contracted price into the system and make them available to customers for booking on B2C or B2B portal by applying markups or commission from the backend system available in Backoffice.

We provide solutions for Hotel, Transfer, Sightseeing, and pre-defined Packages under our own contracting system.

Contracting is based on season, market, currency, room types, blackouts, etc. 

Hotel, Transfer, Sightseeing, Packages

Multi Currency

Manage Season

Manage Offers 

Manage Blackouts

Manage Markets

Local Taxes – like green tax etc

Manage regions 

Sightseeing with and without transfers

Manage Allocations