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A travel agency that has a competitive edge in technology will win customers in the travel industry. So, the role of travel technology consultants cannot be ignored in the travel industry. Now the traveller behaviour has completely changed over the past years with the advent of internet and smartphones. The conservative method of travelling is now no longer accepted by the new age travellers. That’s why travel agencies need the guidance of travel technology consultants in different areas of the business.

Role of travel technology consultants in the success of travel agencies:

  • Planning And Implementation: Travel agencies generally face a lot of challenges such as low conversion rate, targeting right customers, website optimization, features in travel portal etc. So consultants assist in making the right strategy for travel agencies that adds the value in their business. They work on the different offers and discounts that attract travellers to the agencies and construct the travelling plan. Their guidance can definitely help travel agencies to overcome difficulties and improve the business.
  • Excellent Customer Support: These consultants make sure the travel agencies working around the clock for their clients. To accomplish this task, these consultants provide different solutions to travel agencies. These solutions aim to solve customer queries and problems they are facing in a timely manner. This lead to an improved level of customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are likely to buy packages again in the future when they are planning to travel.

travel technology consultants

  • Marketing And Branding: This is the most important role played by travel technology consultants. They develop sales and marketing strategies that lead to an increase in revenue and profits of travel agencies. Use of social media, digital marketing activities, cross-selling and upselling of packages, explaining the USP of these agencies in an easier way to the travellers. All of these are done in order to gain more market share in the travel industry. Another point they focus on is customer retention. They design different loyalty programs to retain customers.
  • Best Travel Portal Features: They analyse the features of the travel portal developed by a travel technology company. Focus is on saving time and cost of travel agencies by making sure all the engines, APIs, prominent suppliers are present in the travel portal. Best solution is provided to the travel agencies at the minimum cost by these consultants.

For these reasons, the travel agencies beat the competition with the assistance of travel technology consultants.