How has Travel Portal Software changed travel industry?

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Travel Portal Software has transformed the experience of travelers from the beginning of the trip to return back to home. This technology has made traveling easier for travelers. It has helped in the soothing of pain points of travelers.

Latest innovative features of travel portal software are:

  • Conversational Commerce: Conversational commerce is the integration of any messaging platform with travel portal software. The common chat platforms integrated are facebook messenger and Whatsapp. This feature is introduced to help travelers while searching for booking options or any assistance to travelers during their trip. They can discuss with human staff directly for WhatsApp or facebook app. A human chat is now preferred in travel business as compared to bots to address reliability issue. It also adds more value to travel company as it provides a personal touch. Another reason is bots are not able to solve complex problems, so human involvement is needed.

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  • Advanced Analytics of Data: Travel Technology Solution gathers and analyzes historical data of passengers. It then sends personal offers and deals to clients by messaging them personally. This is next level of personalization. The strategy is to deliver the personalized experience to clients. Personalization results in more happier and satisfied clients which definitely will increase the business of travel companies. Also, it monitors search history of travelers. It automatically gives identical results to travelers based on the history of searches by a traveler.
  • Voice Search: In this busy and competitive world, every person wants to finish tasks fast. So, to make things quicker voice search feature is introduced. This feature allows travelers to search their queries through voice. Now travelers do not need to search by typing. They only have to speak their query and results will be shown on screen. Voice Search has simplified the search process for travelers. Every travel technology company is now working on this technology to give their product a competitive advantage.


Customer experience has become the priority for every travel agency now. All these features explained above are the result of this priority.