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Easy availability of internet and smartphones has made people phone-aholic. From ordering food to paying bills to book cars, every activity is now being done on phone. Travelers now prefer mobile apps over web search or mobile web search. A Mobile app has more benefits as compared to web search.  That’s why travel agencies and companies are investing in their apps to increase business and revenue.

A travel agency must have a mobile app to have a competitive edge. One important thing we want to mention here is, always choose carefully a good travel technology company for development of your travel application. Design and develop a mobile app which gives a good experience to the traveler.

Reasons for Preferring Mobile Apps are:

  • Quick: Browsing on a travel technology solution mobile app is very quick and fast as compared to web. This is main reason that travelers prefer a mobile app over the web for searching and booking. Travelers books tickets in just a few finger touch over the screen. Many travel companies have launched their ‘lite’ app which allows users to search and book even at the low speed of the internet.

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  • Discounts and Cash Back: Many companies are offering cash back when booking is done through mobile apps. So, to avail these offers many travelers use the app while booking. Also, cash back is received by travelers when they refer it to their connections. Some companies also offer loyalty points when a booking is done by the app. These points can be redeemed later in an exchange of reduced prices.
  • Additional Features: Also, there are additional features in travel portal solution apps which convince travelers to use it. Features like auto- login, updated details of trip, auto-saved boarding ticket, push notifications of offers and hot-deals are liked by travelers a lot.
  • Better Design and User Interface: An app is designed in a more appealing way as compared to web. It has a user-friendly interface which is liked by travelers. It is being said; better the design of the app is more is the loyalty of customer and bad design of the app is less loyalty of the customer. A good user interface gives a better experience to the user and he is likely to use again.

All these features enable travelers to spend more time on apps. So if you are in the travel industry and you do not have an app for your business, design app with all features. And also integrate your travel portal software with your mobile app to increase your business.