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How travel technology has improved the travel experience

Billions of people around the world love to travel, whether it’s in their domestic country or any exotic location. The conservative travelling method had a lot of pain points from flight reservation to room booking. But in the past decade, the combination of internet and smartphones has removed a lot of these pain points.  This has resulted in improved travelling experience which has led to growth in a number of travellers.

Travel Technology has improved the travelling experience in the following ways:

Queue-less Bookings:

After deciding your destination, the very first problem travellers used to face in the past were long queues at the travel agencies. Sometimes it became frustrating to stand for hours in queues for the reservation of tickets. With travel apps and websites, travellers can book flight reservations right from their home and they can do it anytime. With innovating technologies in the traveling industry, they can compare the prices offered by different airlines companies. Earlier with the conservative method of bookings travellers were not able to compare prices.

travel technology has improved the travel experience


Baggage Free Check-in:

Many times it becomes an annoying situation for travellers to carry their heavy baggage at the airport. But now with travel technology passengers can submit their bag at check-in. The bags are weighed, scanned and then a tag is provided to them. Travellers can easily perform all the formalities of travelling at the airport without any luggage to carry. Once the traveller is reached at the destination he can collect baggage from the Baggage carousel.


Fast Immigration Process:

At the airport, long queues are there at boarding and immigration process. This is a time-consuming process, which results in waiting of passengers. But with the innovation of travel technology company, biometric data and facial recognition techniques are being used for this process. As soon as passengers reach the gate of the airport, facial recognition cameras capture the pictures of the passenger and real-time matching is being done. As soon as the match is made, the passenger can get into the pane without showing passport and boarding pass.



With the help of chatbot, a traveller can connect real-time with the customer support whenever they are in problem. The chatbot is integrated with WhatsApp or Facebook messenger, so that customer care team can give a real-time reply and solve the issues, passengers are facing.


All these innovations lead to save the time of travellers and offer ease and convenience. Many travel technology companies are working on these features and experience exponential growth.