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The travel industry has seen tremendous growth after the integration of smartphone and internet. With the help of a travel portal, the travelling experience has become seamless and convenient. Rich featured travel portals manage everything of a traveller right from storing soft copies of your reservation to booking hotels. With just one application you can manage every task. A traveller can easily find cheap hotels, flights, and other services. That’s why there is a huge surge in the demand for travel portals.

Value Addition Features Of Travel Portal Development:

  • Geo-Location Tracking:

    Geolocation tracking is the process of identifying the current geographical location of the traveller. Based on the location, travel portal gives multiple options of hotels, restaurants, sightseeing in the nearby location. It enables a traveller to explore the destination places easily on their own. This feature can easily be embedded in the travel portal with the integration of maps. This feature really helps a traveller when he reaches the destination and looking for a room to take rest.

value addition features of travel portal

  • Automatic Itinerary Generator:

    Managing the operations of a trip is one the biggest challenge for any travel agency. Deciding on the destination and then planning to manage every activity needs proper attention. This feature solves this problem of travel agencies. With this feature, a traveller just needs to enter the place of destination. Then travel portal automatically design the travelling plan according to the requirements.

  • Social Media Sharing:

    Social media has become one of the best platforms to promote any business. With this feature, travellers can share his experience, photos on their social media account. This feature also enables travellers to give ratings and reviews. Promotion of travel apps and tourist spots is also done by this sharing feature.  Travellers while planning their trip also consider the reviews, ratings, check-ins of famous spots in their planned destination.

  • Weather Forecasting Feature:

    This feature has gained a lot of users in the past couple of years. Weather plays an important part in the planning of a trip. With this feature, travellers can easily see weather conditions in their destination place on a particular date. There can be a storm, cyclones, and extreme weather conditions which can spoil the experience of a traveller. With the integration of this feature, the user can check the weather conditions, humidity, wind speed while planning the date and duration of the journey.

Every travel technology company is working on these features to make travelling experience memorable and travelling process easier.